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We are the first law firm to provide comprehensive advice on surrogacy.

Trust the best surrogacy agency, we are a team of professionals specialized in surrogacy and surrogate motherhood, so you can achieve your dream of starting a family.

Sometimes it may seem that a company like ours, dedicated to surrogacy, can be cold or impersonal. But the reality is quite different. Gestlife is made up of people, many of whom are parents ourselves, and others that are on the way to becoming parents thanks to surrogacy. A team united, above all, by a passion for children and for achieving what nature has denied us.

Parenthood changed our lives. There was a before and an after… and the after is much better. So neither short nor stationary, we started this journey years ago seeking to make the unreal real, the impossible possible. Today we are more than 180 professionals in 10 countries dedicated to surrogacy.

With the solvency and structure of a multinational that guarantees the absence of improvisations in something as important as realizing the dream of having a child.

Gestlife offers the closeness of someone who has lived your same situation, together with the structure of a multinational, which guarantees the absence of improvisations in something as important as realizing the dream of starting a family.

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Surrogacy Testimonials

Liam and George
Many thanks to the Gestlife-Kiev team for this magnificent work, with our case in particular along with the setbacks we had to suffer.
Special thanks to Ilona and Vadim for being our guardian angels, with their full dedication, availability and the smiles on their faces.
Matthew and Hannah
Thank you very much to Gestlife for helping us to fulfill our dream. Without you, it would not have been possible.
We really enjoyed our stay in Kiev thanks for all the attention, the effort and the dedication of the whole team.
Special thanks also to our manager, language escort, our friend Ana and the driver Volodia.
(We do not want to forget Alan in Barcelona, Fabio and Galina who have helped us to solve any doubts and problems we have had).
David and Emma
We thank Gestlife for everything they have done for us to achieve our dream of being parents.
We have experienced very exciting and happy moments to finally see our son Oriol. We have enjoyed the process in every way. The staff at Gestlife is a 10.
We are very happy with our son and we look forward to return to Spain so that our family can meet him.
Tom and Sarah
We can thank the work of Vadim, Kseniya and Ana. Thank you for your love, empathy and generosity. Thank you for always being by our side and always helping us on this difficult path. You are already part of our lives and we have a little piece of you in our hearts.
With joy! GOOD LUCK
James and Lucy
Gestlife family: You have shown us the way you treat us, your character and your kindness. Thanks to you, we have fulfilled our dream of forming a family. Arturo, our son, will make many people happy thanks to you. I cannot forget the great favor you did for us after solving the big problem we had with the passport of my husband and the surrogate. Without your help, this would not have been solved so effectively.
We started this process with a lot of fear and I can only say that at the end of the experience, thanks to Gestlife, we are a happy family.
Thank you Alan, Enric, Andrey, Volodia, Galina and especially Ilona.
Charlie and Daniel
We would like to thank Gestlife for the step they took to make it easy for us, and ultimately it has come to an end. The moments we have lived have been hard, and deep down, we had a bad time. I thank Vadim and Elossa for their patience with us. They recognized that we were very fearful and we had our doubts. Greetings from my family.

If you wish to make an appointment with us by phone (free of charge), without any obligation, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

What is surrogacy?

What does surrogacy consist of?

What does surrogacy consist of? Gestational surrogacy or surrogate motherhood is a technique of assisted reproduction by which a baby is gestated with a woman (let us clarify that the term surrogate mother is a term that should not be used) who is not be the biological mother, since the implanted embryo has no genetic link with her.

Every year hundreds of couples and single people, turn to surrogacy to make their life's dream come true: to become parents.

Surrogacy is a complicated process in which the most advanced medicine, the laws of each country (almost always contradictory or incompatible), different languages and customs are mixed. A complicated process in which nothing can be left to chance. It is not a job for "amateurs" with good intentions but little experience.

Surrogacy, also commonly known as surrogate motherhood, is a Human Assisted Reproduction Technique in which a woman, called gestational carrier (or surrogate) offers her gestational capacity to another person or future parents (also called Intended Parents) so that they can fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

The surrogacy process is performed through an In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, in which the gametes from the sperm of the male partner and the eggs of the future mother become one. In the event that any of these members cannot provide their gametes, they can resort to a gamete donation, either from an egg and/or sperm donation in the country where the surrogacy process is performed.

Why choose Gestlife for surrogacy?



You are considering other alternatives to carry out your surrogacy process. Often with the healthy intention of saving money, many parents consider the possibility of doing the surrogacy process themselves without the help of professionals and using an unprofessional surrogacy agency with cheaper prices.

Consider for a moment with a divorce, a car accident lawsuit which you were at fault, or to cite a wrongful dismissal… would you dare to be your own lawyer? Obviously, the answer is "NO." So why for surrogacy?

Every 3 or 4 months we receive calls from parents that did surrogacy alone trapped in a country and do not know how to cross the border with their child. In many cases, they encounter difficulties derived from basic errors of those who do not know the legal process of surrogacy. The consequences are dire, with extended stays, sometimes for months in a country with doubts of ever registering the child… etc. Cheap is expensive.

Carrying out a surrogacy process with GestLife is synonymous with trust. Your process will be in the hands of true professionals with extensive experience in surrogacy with more than 500 happy parents behind them every year, with all the guarantees.

If you wish to make an appointment with us by phone (free of charge), without any obligation, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

What does surrogate mother mean?

Surrogate mother or surrogate pregnancy

What is a surrogate? Is it correct to ask what a surrogate is? The surrogate mother occurs when a woman carries the pregnancy by surrogacy or surrogate pregnancy and gives birth to a baby that genetically and legally belongs to the biological parents. The surrogate mother in a surrogacy process is therefore the woman who, by mutual agreement with a person or couple who will be the intended parents, accepts to have the embryo previously generated and transferred to her uterus by Assisted Reproduction in order to become pregnant. She carries it to term and give birth to a baby in substitution of the intended parents.

The term "surrogate" or "surrogate mother" is used refer to the woman who carries out the surrogacy process. The correct term is gestational surrogate, which is the woman who carries out a surrogate pregnancy in substitution of the biological parents who are unable to carry out a child birth. The gametes may originate from the intended parents and/or third parties.

This is called surrogacy, gestational surrogacy, gestational surrogacy, surrogate motherhood, surrogate motherhood, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, surrogate mother, etc.

Surrogate mother

What is a surrogate?

The woman who performs the surrogacy process to be a "surrogate mother" to the people who wish to become the biological parents. "Surrogate mother," a woman who carries a surrogate pregnancy having agreed that she will deliver the baby to the intended parents. The gametes may originate from the intended parents and/or third parties.

Surrogate womb

Surrogacy and surrogate motherhood

For many years we have been hearing an ethical-linguistic-moral debate about what to call or name this Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), (Is surrogacy correct?).

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Surrogacy pregnancy or surrogate pregnancy

Why do they call it surrogacy

There are different terminologies, surrogacy or gestational surrogacy, a term used by the World Health Organization (WHO). Instead of surrogate or surrogate mother

Feminist groups or collectives against this technique often use the term surrogate womb or surrogate mother, in a derogatory way, instead of surrogacy or gestational surrogacy, Concluding that it is the use of the woman's body in exchange for money.

It is clear that a woman is not a thing that can be rented, nor is the uterus. Surrogate women are women who do not cede their uterus, but rather their capacity to gestate to people who wish to form a family.

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In order to choose a surrogacy agency, several things must be taken into account. First of all, let us clarify that the corporate name "surrogacy agency" does not exist. That is why some surrogacy agencies have it as their corporate description like "construction, installations, maintenance, import export” etc…

Surrogacy legislation

Where is surrogacy legal?

Regarding Gestlife, first and foremost, we are a law firm. We are not an agency. We belong to the American group INVESTMEDICAL. We have our own offices in 7 countries, and our own assisted reproduction clinic. We are the only company with our own clinic, the rest of the companies in the sector are simply intermediaries or commission agents, and we know this well because in the past we were also. Gestlife is also the first company in Europe that does surrogacy with more than 400 parents a year.

That said, we are a law firm with our subsidiaries carrying out the Surrogate process in which we have three main obligations to you: • The first: to avoid getting into legal trouble. If you come to us, it is to avoid problems and legal surprises. • The second, of course, is to ensure that you become the parents of a healthy child or children. This is essential. • Third, if we can help you save money, we would rather you spend it on your children than on the middleman. Of course, we want you to go through the process with us, Ms. XXXXXXXXXXX. We make our living from it and your future children would be born from it.

But as we work with many countries, we are not obliged to recommend a destination because we have no other destination. That happens to the intermediary agencies that can only offer you one destination and their sales policy is to speak ill of other countries because they have no other destination to offer you.
Therefore, we will find the best country that suits your needs, with all the legal guarantees, and at the lowest possible cost.
Now, if I may, I would like to know a little more about your personal situation.

Where is surrogacy legal?

Surrogacy legal countries

If we want to do a surrogacy process, we have to go abroad. A surrogacy process can be affected by many factors. And that is why there is no better country for surrogacy. There are several factors to take into account, among them:

• Type of family:
There are countries that only allow surrogacy for heterosexual couples, while other countries also allow surrogacy for homosexual couples and singles.

• Marital status:
Just as there are countries that prohibit surrogacy for gays, there are also countries that do not allow surrogacy for heterosexual couples who are not married, as is the case in Ukraine.

• Surrogacy-type legislation:
In Canada, for example, surrogacy is altruistic and very well regulated, but intended for Canadians, not for foreigners. In a surrogate pregnancy in Canada, no contact is allowed. So if you do a surrogacy in Canada, you will have to go alone to pick up your baby and sign all the legal documentation. No employee at your surrogacy agency will be able to accompany you because he/she would risk a prison sentence. So if any problem arises, you will be on your own and you will only be able to receive advice by phone or e-mail.

• Medical reasons:
In most countries where surrogacy processes can be performed, it is required to prove that there is a medical problem that prevents the mother from carrying her child, without any risk to her or the baby.

• Price of treatment:
It is not the same to do a surrogacy in the United States, where there is no social security, than, for example, in the Ukraine or Albania. Many gay couples who want to resort to surrogacy end up discarding it thinking that they can only do it in the United States, when, in fact, it is also possible to do a surrogacy process for gay couples in Albania, for example.

• Determination of affiliation:
There are countries that give a court ruling that the child born from surrogacy is the child of his or her parents, and in others, the birth certificate is obtained. When you arrive in your country of origin, the process of affiliation is different depending on whether the surrogacy was performed from one country to another.

• Need for egg and/or sperm donation:
There are couples in which both members can contribute their genetic material, but others they cannot, as is the case in surrogacy for gays or for couples with some types of fertility problems.

• Choice and relationship with the pregnant woman:
There are couples with fertility problems for whom it is difficult to cope with the fact that they have had to resort to surrogacy due to the impossibility of pregnancy. Other couples, on the other hand, want to have a very close relationship with their surrogate. In both cases, it is important that you at least get to know the surrogate, let alone to make sure that she is treated in the conditions she deserves as a human being. Secondly, to make sure that it is always the same one. There are agencies that do not allow you to have a relationship with the surrogate because they have her in an apartment with many others in subhuman conditions. By not giving you her details, they can afford to change her without you knowing if there is a problem.

• Willingness to travel:
It is not the same to do a surrogacy process in a European country such as Greece or Ukraine, which are only a few hours away by plane, than in the United States. There we also offer surrogacy programs but it would be absurd to deny that the trips are longer and require more availability.

If you wish to make an appointment with us by phone (free of charge), without any obligation, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

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Types of surrogacy

What types of surrogacy are there?

In reference to types of surrogacy we can divide surrogacy into to following:

Commercial surrogacy or altruistic surrogacy.
Traditional Surrogacy or Gestational Surrogacy
Extrafamilial surrogacy or intrafamilial surrogacy

What is commercial surrogacy?

Types of Surrogacy

In commercial surrogacy, the surrogate mother receives financial compensation for carrying out the surrogacy process.

There are countries that have a specific legislation that gives the right of the biological parent or parents to carry out a surrogacy process. These legislations transfer the rights over the child from the surrogate to the biological parents.
These countries have laws drafted by their parliaments or subsequently modified by rulings of high courts such as the Constitutional Court, allowing certain persons to carry out the processes.
Although we do not like the term "commercial surrogacy", it refers to the one in which a payment is given to the surrogate, a compensation agreed between both parties, without setting legal limits. Altruistic surrogacy occurs when a woman wishes to carry out the surrogacy process without financial compensation. In most of the countries where this type of altruistic surrogacy is performed and agreements are signed, the surrogate has a close relationship with the intended parents (family member/close friend).

What is traditional surrogacy?

Types of surrogacy

Continuing with the types of surrogacy, it is also classified according to the genetic relationship, we usually speak of gestational or full gestational surrogacy (ART) and traditional or partial surrogacy (RMA). Traditional surrogacy is highly discouraged and prohibited in many countries where surrogacy is legal. A surrogate pregnancy is one in which the surrogate mother also contributes her genetic material to the surrogacy process, so she has a genetic link with the baby.

Due to the legal and emotional complexities, gestational surrogacy is the usual and recommended option.

On the other hand, total or gestational surrogacy is the one that is mostly performed nowadays, which is the one in which the genetic material for the surrogacy is provided by the intended parents or in the event that one of the two cannot provide it, by an anonymous donor by either eggs or sperm. Total surrogacy is the one performed in almost all cases of surrogacy nowadays and many countries even include it in their legislation on surrogacy and not a traditional or partial surrogacy.

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Altruistic surrogacy

What is altruistic surrogacy?

Altruistic surrogacy occurs when the surrogate mother does not receive specific financial compensation for the surrogacy process beyond the expenses derived from the process.

Altruistic surrogacy, which is the surrogacy model in Canada or Greece for example, is a type of surrogate pregnancy in which the law establishes a limit on the compensation that the surrogate can receive, to prevent the surrogate from enriching herself with the process. In altruistic surrogacy medical expenses, sick leave, maternity clothes and any other expenses derived from the surrogacy process are usually covered. In many cases, compensation is even given to the surrogate even if it is a limited amount in order not to violate the law.

If you wish to make an appointment with us by phone (free of charge), without any obligation, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Extrafamilial and intrafamilial surrogacy?

Surrogacy and types of surrogacy

Two other types of surrogacy are those that derive from the relationship between the surrogate and the mother. In extra-familial surrogacy, the surrogate is a person outside the intended parents' family such as a friend. In the case of intrafamilial surrogacy, we are talking about a mother, sister or any other person with a family relationship with the intended parents, who decides to be their surrogate.

As we have already mentioned, surrogacy involves a woman becoming pregnant and giving birth to the baby of a couple who wants to have a child but cannot. The surrogate is the woman who gestates and gives birth to the child in substitution of the future parents.

The choice of each type of surrogacy is usually implemented by the laws of the countries where we are going to carry out this process as well as the laws of affiliation.

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What is affiliation in surrogacy?

Affiliation in surrogacy?

The affiliation in surrogacy or surrogate pregnancy in natural pregnancies and adoption, is the legal relationship that is established between parents and children and from which a series of rights and obligations are derived.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), based in Strasbourg issued two judgments essentially identical in by case. It condemned the French state for preventing the registration of a child born through surrogacy, thus forcing them to finally be registered and their affiliation recognized. These are the Mennensson and Labasse cases which have laid a very important foundation for surrogacy in Europe.

The ECTHR considered that this alleged extraterritorial effectiveness of such rules violates the fundamental rights of minors. It states that they were deprived of some of their fundamental rights such as the right to privacy guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. It affirms that they cannot be left in a situation of legal uncertainty regarding essential aspects of their identity such as nationality and affiliation, which would result from the refusal to register them.
It is therefore recommended that, if you wish to become a surrogate parent, we recommend that you contact a GestLife family counselor.

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The surrogate mother

Who is the mother in a surrogacy process?

In the full surrogacy process we must distinguish on the one hand, the surrogate who does not have, any genetic link with the baby, and the intended mother who is the mother of the baby.

In some cases of surrogacy in which the surrogate mother cannot provide her genetic material, an egg donor is used. But, in no case, the surrogate mother should be the one to provide the eggs if you carry out your process with a serious surrogacy agency since the laws prohibit it.

But regardless of the genetic link, and with adoption, the mother is the one who raises the child and gives her/him a home, an education, and steers the child in the right vital path. In a surrogacy process, the biological mother is the mother, and the surrogate is the woman who has offered to help her fulfill her dream.

At Gestlife, we only accept surrogates who already have children of their own, so we can be certain that they know what they are getting into with the pregnancy and that it will not affect their psychological health (besides being a legal requisite). The surrogates who participate in our surrogacy programs, as the mothers they are, understand how important it is for other people to form a family and want to help them achieve it.

Therefore, and in summary, in surrogacy the intended mother is the mother.

Doubts about Surrogacy

Fertility treatment in gestational surrogacy

It is a Human Assisted Reproduction Technique (ART).

In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is the technique used in surrogacy processes to help couples and individuals struggling to have a baby.

During In Vitro Fertilization treatment, eggs are removed from the ovaries of the expectant mother or from a donor and fertilized in vitro (in a test tube, hence the term "in vitro" fertilization). The egg fertilized by the sperm of the intended father. The embryo is implanted in the uterus of the surrogate woman, where it will develop into a healthy surrogate pregnancy or gestational surrogate pregnancy.

The similar In Vitro Fertilization treatment, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI,) is performed also in the laboratory. This treatment involves the injection of a single sperm directly into the egg. ICSI is recommended for couples in which the male partner has a low sperm count or low sperm motility, making it less likely that the sperm will fertilize the egg on their own

Remember that, in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate uses her own egg, so an artificial insemination can be performed, but this implies that the surrogate will have a genetic link with the baby with the sperm of the intended father.

Want some more information?

We help you without compromise

Want some more information?

We help you without compromise

Gestlife Truth or lie? Surrogate motherhood

In the world of surrogacy, it often happens that agencies in an unfair competition or in forums repeat lies so many times that in the end they may seem to be true. But a lie is always a lie. That is why we are going to clarify some common misconceptions, which will help you to better understand the process.

All about Surrogacy

Only surrogacy processes in the USA offer legal guarantees


Countries such as GREECE or UKRAINE are as reliable as the US states where surrogacy processes are performed. American agencies usually attack the other destinations, in an unfair competition, as they are losing clients due to the fact that surrogacy prices in the USA are much higher than in these countries. Gestlife is an American company, with its own programs in the USA, and for this reason we do not attack other equally reliable destinations.

Mothers in other countries are exploited in surrogacy processes.


Countries such as UKRAINE or GREECE have long-standing legislation that protects the rights of surrogate mothers. No country is free from any agency carrying out immoral or illegal practices, violating the rights of surrogate mothers. But if that happens, the authorities deal with them, as has happened in the past with unscrupulous agencies. But GESTLIFE ensures through its own offices that the living conditions of the pregnant women are adequate. GESTLIFE's programs are carried out with pregnant women selected by GESTLIFE, without intermediaries, guaranteeing their living conditions.

Closed-price surrogacy programs are a scam.


The agencies that charge surrogacy programs at an open price (we know how much it costs at the beginning, but never how much it will cost us in the end) have no other argument. Paying a fixed price is always better than an open price that can grow. The agencies plagued with intermediaries charge a fee simply for putting you in contact with others. This makes the process more expensive and they cannot offer a closed price. That being said, they have no other argument to gain a foothold in the sector than to try to discredit the few agencies that, like Gestlife, offer programs at a closed price. If a clinic does not offer us a program with an unlimited number of embryo transfers, unlimited number of in vitro fertilizations, and pretends to charge us for each medical act carried out, what credibility do they have if you want our surrogates to become pregnant as soon as possible, if they charge us every time they do not achieve it? With closed price programs, this doubt disappears since the clinic is the first to be interested in the surrogate getting pregnant at the first attempt. It would be the clinic who will have to pay for subsequent medical treatments. Therefore, always demand a program with a closed price, without surprises.

A surrogacy process is an uncomplicated process that I can manage myself."


A surrogacy process is very complicated. There are contradictory legislations of both countries involved, bureaucratic obstacles of the administrations of the destination countries that do not accept these techniques, a difficult medical process, and the stay in an unknown country in another language. One thing is if you hire a lawyer for a simple labor consultation, but do you really intend to do it alone in a process as complicated as surrogacy? You can be victims of deception, scams and theft by unscrupulous people who are waiting for desperate parents without professional advice.

It is better to contract surrogacy agencies directly in the destination country. You save the middleman.


ASome parents think that they save money going directly to a surrogacy agency in a foreign country. But they forget that the agency will only take care of the medical process, and not the legal part with the Consulate or registry. The parents will have to take care of the follow-up of the whole process. You have to be very brave and speak many languages, or very reckless.
For example, in Ukraine, most of the surrogacy "agencies" closed their doors when the war with Russia started. However, Gestlife kept its office and clinic open, even though we have 9 other countries to do the surrogate process, and our financial solvency did not depend exclusively on Ukraine. Suddenly, hundreds of parents found themselves overnight with no one on the other end of the phone and without knowing where and how their surrogate was doing. This is one of the risks of working with local agencies.

It is better to hire a small surrogacy agency. The treatment is more personal.


Small "companies" (mom and pop) are growing like mushrooms. After a personal surrogacy process, parents that they are going to recover the money spent by selling surrogacy programs. Very good intentions, but with no structure in the country of destination nor legal knowledge, this will ruin the whole process when problems arise (and they often do.) Pandemic, war, or legislative changes have taught us the importance of having multinational structures, which allows us to change countries in case complications arise in the country where we are carrying out our surrogacy process.

Doing it with GESTLIFE is much more expensive and there are other surrogacy agencies that offer the same thing for much less.


GESTLIFE only offers FIRST CLASS programs for parents who don't want problems. This is essential to have a multilingual trained staff that owns offices and offer a whole series of services that other agencies do not offer and guarantee success. Success means having your child, which is priceless. Our programs are the most complete because they incorporate all possible contingencies, avoiding economic surprises to the future parents. No trap, no cardboard. No hidden holes.
Gestlife's programs may be somewhat less economical than those of some intermediary agencies, but this is because we compensate the pregnant woman with a much higher compensation than that is offered by the "agencies".
The difference in price is therefore based on giving back more and taking care of the person who will give us what we want most in our lives: our children.
The agencies which there is an intermediary in your country of origin, or in another country (often differernt from where the surrogacy program will be done) with an intermediary clinic (because the clinic is not theirs), add intermediation fees. The programs don’t have a ceiling on the price so they do it at the expense of reducing the compensation of the gestational surrogates by up to 40% less than Gestlife, which is clearly an exploitation.
By eliminating intermediaries, Gestlife can allocate its fees to better compensate the surrogate, the real protagonist of the story.

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"Everything you wanted to know about surrogacy, and never dared to ask 2024 edition"

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Fatherhood changed our lives. There was a before, and an after. And the after, it was much better. So neither short nor lazy, we started this subject years ago of making the unreal real, the impossible possible. Today we are more than 100 people in 7 countries.

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