Surrogacy is an authorized and legalized assisted reproduction technique in many countries, which has come to stay. In countries like the United States, they have been practicing it for more than 30 years.

Unfortunately, the fertility rate keeps falling. Currently, it is already 17% and all specialists agree that it will continue to grow. 3% of Spanish children have been born using assisted reproductive techniques. In Spain alone, there are 800,000 couples with fertility issues. Of all couples trying to become parents through assisted reproduction, only 55% succeed. The remaining 45% only have three paths:

A) Abandon, giving up their desire to be parents
B) Trying international adoption, an even more complicated path, whose number of adoptions has been reduced in the last ten years, almost 90%.
C) Recur to surrogacy

At Gestlife we ​​do not sell surrogacy programs, as the detractors of surrogacy would say, or the so-called "surrogate bellies." At Gestlife we ​​give people happiness. The greatest happiness in the world: having a child. An irrepressible desire, that does not understand reasons, economic crises, pandemics, or legal obstacles. When the motherhood calls, it does not matter what world moment you are living, what is necessary is done to achieve it.

That is why at Gestlife we ​​have not suffered the word economic crisis since our birth more than 10 years ago. And that is the greatest guarantee for our parents that tomorrow, we will continue helping them achieve their most desired dream: being a parent. We simply make possible the impossible

If you want to help other people in your city or your country to become parents, to reach the maximum happiness, at Gestlife we ​​make it easy for you. You can become our collaborator, agent or franchisee, in your city, your province, your state or in your country (depending on the time and resources you can dedicate), and thus work in one of the most beautiful jobs in the world: bring babies to life.

Always in compliance with a strict code of ethics, preventing the exploitation of people involved in the process, with the utmost care and respect for them. And always within the most absolute legality. Gestlife does not work in countries where surrogacy is not regulated.

In times of crisis, where many sectors fail, where we see companies close every day, where The future of work seems uncertain, Gestlife offers you to be able to work in a sector that does not know the word crisis, and in which you will feel full of joy, giving happiness to others.


You have different types of collaboration modalities, depending on the time and dedication that you can give to this activity. You can do it by combining it with another job, or dedicate yourself fully to this, as you wish:



The prescriber is the simplest form of collaboration that can be established with GESTLIFE.
The Prescriber is a professional who recommends the company to someone who is in their sphere. The prescriber can be a gynecologist, a doctor, a lawyer, a clinic, or any other professional who in one way or another is related to parents who wish to be one through the technique of surrogacy.
The prescriber only puts the parties in contact, the company taking care of the process of Counseling of Intended Parents.
The prescriber receives compensation for each process initiated.


The external collaborator, unlike the Prescriber, directly advises future parents, not advertises.
It does not have an exclusive area.
Therefore, its special characteristics are:
It is not dedicated only to advise on our programs.
(You can offer other solutions from other companies).
It does not invest in advertising our programs to make itself known.
He does all the advice himself, contributing the processes to Gestlife.
It does not have a geographic area of exclusivity.
It does not have a minimum required number of processes per month.


The official collaborator, advises future parents exclusively, with a geographical area of exclusivity through advertising, at his expense, but always under his own brand.

It is an intermediary that offers our services, and provides us with couples who wish to do the process, but always under your brand. You must spend money on advertising to make yourself known, otherwise it would be the figure of (external collaborator).

Therefore, its special characteristics are:
offers our destinations exclusively (it does not offer the same destinations with other brands)
Advertises our programs.
He does all the counseling himself, providing parents who want to start the process.
It has a geographic area of ​​exclusivity.
Must carry out a minimum of processes per year stipulated in the contract.

FRANCHISE (1 city, province or region)

The franchisee opens a Gestlife office, with a specific geographical area, of a city, province or region as contractually agreed with Gestlife. It can later become a Master franchise, if when you constituted your franchise, the Master franchise did not yet exist.
The franchisee is characterized by:
It has an exclusive area
You must spend money on advertising every month
Must open an office with the image of the company, according to contract
You must exclusively offer our programs, or those that our company agrees with third parties.
May depend on a master franchise.
You must do a minimum of processes each year, since you have the exclusive.
You must follow the sales rules set by the company


The MASTER FRANCHISE has the exclusive representation of Gestlife in an entire country, where it must develop, with the help of the central, the recruitment of parents who wish to initiate a process, directly and also from franchises in other major cities, franchises that will be subordinate to the Master.
In addition to the fees for attracting new processes, you will receive the entry fee of the franchisees that you get in your country, 40% of the amount paid by the franchisee.
Likewise, you will receive 10% of the commissions of your franchisees. (without the commissions of the franchisees are affected).
The characteristics of a Master franchise are:
It must have an office, according to the decoration established by the company
Must comply with a minimum of annual processes according to contract
You must attract a minimum of franchisees in your country, according to the contract
You must advertise at your expense both for the recruitment of franchisees and for the recruitment of parents who wish to initiate a process.
He must fully and directly formalize the counseling phase until the signature of the contract with the company.
It has a geographic exclusivity of an entire country.
You must exclusively offer our programs, or those that our company agrees with third parties.
You must follow the advisory standards set by the company
It receives commissions from the programs of its franchisees.

Choose as many options as you want

Choose as many options as you want

Fatherhood changed our lives. There was a before, and an after. And the after, it was much better. So neither short nor lazy, we started this subject years ago of making the unreal real, the impossible possible. Today we are more than 100 people in 7 countries.

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