Surrogacy uk cost

Surrogate cost

At GESTLIFE we allow you to pay for our surrogacy or surrogacy programs in up to 7 installments throughout the program in order to help you make your dream of having a child come true without money being the obstacle.

We can also provide you with a customary invoice for your financial institution. Currently, most entities do not make it difficult to finance this important life project.

Surrogacy price

What is the price of a surrogacy?

Often, our parents wonder: What is the price of a surrogacy?
This process is the assisted reproduction treatment with the highest success rate. The cost of a surrogacy in total ranges from €50,000 to €200,000 or more, depending on the destination country chosen to carry out the surrogacy process.

Talking about prices is always very difficult, when we talk about 10 countries and more than 60 different types of programs with different services. Therefore, we advise you without any obligation, to contact a Gestlife family advisor, and together we will study which program best suits your needs and your budget.

Surrogacy treatment is an expensive process. Intended parents should be financially prepared before starting such treatment. There are many variables that influence the price of surrogacy, such as the location where it is carried out, the choice of treatment with one's own eggs or egg donation, the number of cycles/embryo transfers, etc. If you are interested in learning more about the costs of surrogacy programs, we invite you to contact us to book a free telephone consultation. We recommend that future parents consult with a lawyer specialized in these processes before proceeding with a surrogacy program.

What makes the price vary in surrogacy?

Surrogacy price

The factors that vary the price of surrogacy are:

  • Assisted reproduction treatment
  • Compensation for the pregnant woman
  • Additional tests
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
  • Whether or not an egg donor is needed
  • Number of IVFs or attempts needed
  • Management fees or legal fees (depending on the destination country)
  • Travel and accommodation at the destination country
  • Medical expenses of the pregnancy itself (depending on whether or not the destination country has Social Security)
  • Causes beyond the control of the parties, such as pandemics, wars.

At Gestlife we work with fixed surrogacy prices, adjusted so that at the end of the process there are no surprises. Most of our programs also include an unlimited number of transfers. Furthermore, we are committed that you will be successful in the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy price United States

What is the price of a surrogacy or surrogacy in the United States?

cuanto cuesta un alquiler de vientre en estados unidos

Surrogacy USA prices

The price of a surrogacy or surrogacy in the United States is from 160.000 € - 180.000 €. But, the price of surrogacy in the USA can end up being much higher if there are medical complications since there is no social security in this country.

Surrogacy price Greece

What is the price of surrogacy in Greece?

vientre de alquiler grecia precio

Surrogacy Greece prices

The price of a surrogacy in Greece starts at 81.000 €. The price of surrogacy in Greece also varies depending on the difficulty of finding Greek surrogates, since they usually ask for amounts that are not in accordance with the law. They usually resort to surrogate mothers from Ukraine who do comply with the limits of the law to avoid committing a crime.

Surrogacy price Ukraine

What is the price of surrogacy in Ukraine?

vientre de alquiler Ucrania precio

Surrogacy ukraine price

The price of a surrogacy in Ukraine starts at 53.000 €.

Surrogacy price in Georgia

precio vientre de alquiler en Georgia

Georgia surrogacy price

The price of a surrogacy or surrogacy in Georgia starts at 54.000 €.

Surrogacy price Albania

What is the price of a surrogacy in Albania?

precio vientre de alquiler en Albania

Surrogacy Albania price

The price of a surrogacy in Albania starts at 74.000 €.

Surrogacy price Czechia

What is the price of a surrogacy in Czechia?

precio vientre de alquiler en Chequia

Gestación subrogada Chequia precio

The price of a surrogacy in the Czech Republic starts at 84.000 €. We must insist that in this country there is no legislation on surrogacy, and that it can be a problematic destination.

precio vientre de alquiler

What makes the price vary in surrogacy?

The price of a surrogacy varies depending on the surrogate, and our first piece of advice is that you should not haggle with a surrogate. Even if you want to look at it selfishly. When you pay a surrogate better than anyone else, you get the best surrogate. When you want to pay less, the best surrogates go with other parents and other agencies. Those that serious clinics have rejected are because they did not meet the medical or psychological requirements and end up accepting lower figures because no one else accepts them.

Let us also accept that, at this time, due to the over-demand for surrogates throughout the world, and the war between Ukraine and Russia (countries where 95% of the surrogates who participate in surrogacy programs in Europe come from,) there is a shortage. And this inevitably implies:

• More time to find them (whoever offers to get you a surrogate in 3 months is lying to you and you will probably encounter a problem when there is no longer a solution.)

• The price of surrogacy and therefore the compensation that the surrogate receives, changes every 3-4 months, and always increases. European surrogates are still paid less from the compensation received by an American surrogate. If you have agreed on a figure and several months pass until the contract is signed and surrogacy begins, it is possible that by the time you find the surrogate, she will want a slightly higher compensation.

• In these cases in order not to lose money, the clinics decide to “wait” to see if they find one that accepts the lowest compensation. But obviously, the surrogates talk among themselves, and who is going to accept $17,000 when they could receive $27,000?

• So, we advise you to always have about 2,000 or 3,000 euros saved, in case it is necessary to increase the compensation to the surrogate mother and give a boost to the surrogacy process.

Sometimes people have the idea that finding a surrogate is very easy. That you want a surrogate, and she appears in front of you. It would be very childish to believe that it is that simple. We are going to explain to you what the process of selecting a surrogate mother or an egg donor is like (the process in both cases is the same) in serious clinics and agencies:

All agencies compete by their advertising to attract surrogates. The limited supply causes competition to arise between agencies when it comes to offering compensation, and that logically causes the price of surrogacy and compensation to rise periodically. The current war situation between Ukraine and Russia has further complicated this situation since they were the two main countries where more than 95% of the surrogate mothers for surrogacy processes in Europe come from.

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