Surrogacy for single women

Surrogacy for single women

Surrogacy for single women

GestLife Surrogacy for single women

Surrogacy for single mothers is one of the most pending issues in countries when surrogacy is possible. Since most countries have no legislation on surrogacy, the authorities "adapt" the registration of a baby to the legal system. This is detriment of the future of a mother (you).
The majority of the world's civil codes state that "the mother is the one who gives birth." The authorities have fully recognized the rights of the surrogate mother and doesn’t recognize the mother-to-be. The biological mother on paper is not present on the birth certificate even though the mother can register the baby back in her country.
The countries that have a surrogacy legislation, and allow surrogacy processes for single women, are divided into two groups, if we classify them by the type of document of affiliation.


Programs for single women, which issue a court judgment (Example: USA and GREECE). In these countries, the authorities issue a judicial order, which grants you the affiliation. Since the process has been supervised by a judge, your country recognizes you as the mother. Therefore the child will be registered in your name and will instantly acquire your nationality. You will be able to travel to your country without any problem

Countries that don’t grant a birth certificate

In this case, although the country where the child is born has recognized your rights as a single mother and the law there protects you, your country does not recognize you as the mother. In the case of heterosexual couples (married or not) this is "relatively serious" since the child is registered in the name of the father, who has provided his genetic material. So the child acquires the nationality of the father and can go to his country without any problem. As a "half solution" is obtained, the parents do not question the authorities and accept this process.

Afterwards, the mother-to-be will have to go through an adoption process (already included in our programs) and will not be able to take maternity leave until she is officially recognized as a mother by the family court. This is not an international adoption, so there is no need to go through social workers, psychologists or suitability reports.
However, as a single woman, the country of birth will not recognize you. The sperm donor is not of your nationality either (nor would he act as a father) so the Consulate of your country in the country where the child is born will not accept you registering the child. In this case, it will be necessary to carry out a legal process in the country of origin of the baby to grant said nationality to the child, and to travel with a visa. Once in your country, you have to file a legal proceeding to have your rights recognized. This involves financial costs and time.

Given the complexity of the issue which depends on your nationality, the laws of your country and the type of affiliation document issued by the baby's country of origin, we advise you to request a telephone appointment with a Gestlife family advisor, to explain your case, and we will be happy to help you.
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Below are the countries where you can carry out a surrogacy process or you can check our surrogacy prices



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