Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogate mother in Georgia

surrogacy Georgia

Who can perform surrogacy procedures in GEORGIA

In this COUNTRY the following people can perform surrogacy processes:

  • Heterosexual married couples, married for more than one year, who can demonstrate a medical reason that prevents them from pregnancy.
  • Heterosexual couples, NOT married who can demonstrate a medical reason that prevents them from pregnancy, who can document more than one year of cohabitation.

Given the war situation in Ukraine, where Gestlife has been carrying out surrogacy processes since 2012, Georgia has emerged as a great alternative while the conflict in Ukraine still has not been solved.

The Georgian government had presented a draft law in July 2023 to prevent foreigners from being able to participate in surrogacy processes in Georgia. However, in January 2024, this draft was rejected and the government proceeded to establish protocols aimed at guaranteeing the rights of all parties involved. Interestingly enough, a law that was going to prevent parents from carrying out surrogacy procedures in this country has become a law that offers them more guarantees. One example is that once a surrogate is assigned to a couple, the surrogate cannot freely change partners or agencies even though the embryo transfer has not commenced yet.

Therefore, Georgia is once again a valid destination for surrogacy for heterosexual couples.

Gestlife has its own offices in Tbilisi in the Georgian capital with its own staff and offers exactly the same programs and services as in the rest of the countries where we operate. Consult with your family advisor, and we will be happy to inform you about this program as well as other alternatives.

In terms of surrogacy in Georgia, as in the Ukraine, it is legal and regulated. The legislation on surrogacy in Georgia dates back to 1997 and guarantees the rights of the intended parents.

In this regard, if an embryo conceived by a couple as a result of the assisted reproductive procedure is transferred into the body of another woman, the intended parents of the child will be the legal parents. With the consent of the surrogate, the name of the intended parents will appear directly on the Georgian birth certificate. Unfortunately, the Spanish consulate will not take this certificate into account and will register the surrogate as the mother of the baby. They follow the principle of "mater semper certa est." Hence, the mother's affiliation is determined by who gives birth.

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The surrogacy law in GEORGIA

Article 143. Section b: Surrogacy in Georgia is allowed when a woman does not have a uterus for the purpose of achieving the evolution and growth of the embryo. This is obtained by the transfer to the uterus of another woman referred to as a "gestational carrier."

Although this article states that the only condition for accessing surrogacy in Georgia is the absence of a uterus, any malformation or medical inability to get pregnant allows the process to be carried out.

In order to carry out a surrogacy in Georgia, it is necessary to have written consent from the couple intending to have a child as well as the surrogate mother. With this signed document, the paternity of the couple at the moment of delivery will be recognized in the eyes of the Georgian government.

Gestational surrogacy in Georgia is only legal for heterosexual couples, totally excluding homosexual couples, as well as women and men seeking single parenthood.

Requirements for surrogacy in Georgia
As for the requirements for the prospective parents to initiate surrogacy in Georgia, the following information is most important:

Being a heterosexual couple married for more than one year (legislative changes in September 2020 which it is necessary to be married for at least one year.) It is also allowed for couples who can prove cohabitation for at least one year (a rental contract in both names, or being registered in the registry of unmarried couples, or having done in vitro fertilization processes for more than one year… which proves that they are together.)

Regarding the requirements and the choice of the surrogate, she must have already a child of her own and cannot be over 35 years of age. In addition, they are required to have a medium-high socioeconomic level, so that poverty is not a reason to become a surrogate.

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In whose name will the baby be registered once it is born?

The baby born will be registered in the name of the intended parents. Subsequently, in the parents' country of origin depending on each legislation, the intended mother will have to proceed with a judicial hearing to have the intended mother recognized as the actual parent or the adoption of the baby. A good amount of the parents' countries of origin only recognize the intended father. Consult your case with your family advisor at Gestlife.

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An in-country assistance officer in your language (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish).

Our staff will assist you in our office in Tiblissi (Georgia) in your language. In a process where legal issues are mixed with medical issues, it is important that all parties involved speak the same language and understand each other. With Gestlife, you will never feel like a stranger in a foreign country.

It is something that seems obvious, but with some agencies you are lucky enough to talk to a consultant in your own language. Then, as soon as you sign the contract, the rest of the staff does not your language and you will have to defend yourself in in another language with translators. Make sure if you talk to other agencies that this will not happen. A year and a half (the length of a surrogacy process) having to speak in other languages is very stressful.

Our own office in GEORGIA

Gestlife has its own office in this country. We are not intermediaries.

Legal assistance in GEORGIA

Gestlife has attorneys in its Tbilisi, Georgia office to assist you throughout the process.

Legal assistance in your home country

Most "agencies" finish their work when they deliver the baby to you. Others help you to leave the country. However, it is up to you to register your baby in your country of origin. In Gestlife we have a network of lawyers that take care of the final process in your country of origin which will allow you to register your child without problems.

Personal assistance during your travels.

We try our best to make the surrogacy process a pleasurable trip, not a nightmare. But mishaps can always arise, which can endanger the intended parents (illness, accident.) Gestlife takes care of managing your travel assistance insurance, to guarantee you complete care in case of any incident We also take care of managing and organizing all the services related to this issue so that you do not have to deal with it. Our philosophy is to take care of the parents 24 hours a day.

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Cost of a surrogacy procedure in GEORGIA

A surrogacy procedure in Georgia costs between 54.000 and 81.000 euros depending on the program and the chosen coverage.

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What programs can I enlist in GEORGIA

In all our countries, you can contract the following programs:


You can consult the services included in each program in the dossiers of each country. Ask your family advisor for them, with no obligation.

HIV, Hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases

Gestlife is one of the few agencies that have programs for parents who test positive for HIV, Hepatitis, or venereal diseases. Nowadays, this does not impede parenthood. If this is your case, consult with your family counselor, and we will be happy to help you.

Special characteristics of the country:

A birth certificate is obtained with the name of the intended mother and father. Depending on your country or origin a few possibilities will arise. The consulate recognizes the surrogacy and you can obtain the baby’s passport, the child will come in the name of the father and the intended mother will have to get adopt the child once in her country or the mother will have replaced the surrogates name with her own.
Prices are somewhat higher than in Ukraine for surrogacy in Georgia.

Only heterosexual married couples for surrogacy in Georgia or couples who can prove one year of cohabitation.

The commissioning mother must prove with a medical certificate her inability to gestate, or that she represents a serious risk to her health and therefore resort to surrogacy in Georgia.

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