Surrogacy in Greece

Surrogacy in Greece

Surrogate mother in Greece

surrogacy Greece

Who can perform the surrogacy procedure in GREECE

In order to carry out a surrogacy procedure in Greece it is necessary to obtain legal authorization. The legal authorization to undergo the surrogacy process in Greece shall be issued under the following conditions:

The intended mother must provide a medical certificate from Social Security in her country proving her inability to carry a pregnancy to term, or to carry it to term without personal risk during pregnancy.

  • The intended mother cannot be no older than 54 years of age.
  • The surrogate will not be the one who provides the eggs. It’s the biological mother or an egg donor.

The surrogacy process in Greece is altruistic. This means that the surrogate mother will only be paid for medical expenses, and that she cannot receive an additional amount. She cannot benefit herself monetarily with the process. However, law permits that she will be paid a compensation for the inconvenience, and for the months not worked.

The surrogate cannot withdraw, since she has renounced her parental rights before the implantation of the embryo, and all rights and duties fall on the intended parents.

The surrogacy law in GREECE

Surrogacy in Greece is regulated by Article 1458 of the Greek Civil Code with Article 8 of Law 3089/2002:

Three years after the regulation of surrogacy in Greece, Law 3305/2005 ("Imposition of Medically Assisted Reproduction") was introduced that regulates assisted reproduction and surrogacy in Greece.

Surrogacy in Greece is only allowed for heterosexual couples (married or unmarried) as well as single women, excluding homosexual male couples or single men.

In whose name will the baby be registered once it is born?

The baby will be registered, by court order, in the name of BOTH intended parents.

Contact your family counselor, and we will discuss together which program may be the most suitable for you.

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A person in charge of assisting you in Greece in your language (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.)

Our staff will assist you in our office in Thessaloniki Greece in your language. In a process where legal issues are mixed with medical issues, it is important to speak the same language and understand each other. With Gestlife, you will never feel like a stranger in a foreign country.

It is something that seems obvious, but with some agencies, you are lucky to speak to an advisor in your language. As soon as you sign the contract, the rest of the staff most likely does not speak English, and you have to have a translator. Make sure if you talk to other agencies that this doesn’t happen. A year and a half (the length of the surrogacy process) having to speak in other languages is very stressful.

Our own office in GREECE

Gestlife has its own office in Greece. We are not intermediaries. We are not a company that does not have an office in Greece which uses an intermediary in another country that has an external collaborator. Too many middlemen.

Legal assistance in GREECE

Gestlife has lawyers in its office in Thessaloniki, Greece, to assist you throughout the process.

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Legal assistance in your home country

Most "agencies" finish their work when they deliver the baby to you. Then can help you to leave the country, but then, it is up to you to register your baby in your country of origin. At Gestlife we have a network of lawyers in all countries to take care of the final process in your country of origin that will allow you to register your child without problems.

Personal assistance during your travels.

We try our best to make the surrogacy process a pleasurable trip, not a nightmare. But mishaps can always arise which can endanger the biological parents (illness, accident). Gestlife takes care of managing your travel needs by providing insurance to guarantee you complete assistance in case of any incident. We take care of managing and organizing all the services related to these issues so that you do not have to deal with it. Our philosophy is to take care of the parents 24 hours a day.

Cost of a surrogacy process in GREECE

A process in Greece costs between 81.000 and 97.000 euros, depending on the program chosen.

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What programs can I hire in GREECE

In all our countries where we provide the surrogacy process, you can arrange the following programs:


You can consult the services included in each program in the dossiers of each country. Ask your family advisor for them, with no obligation.

HIV, Hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases

Gestlife is one of the few agencies that have programs for parents who test positive for HIV, Hepatitis, or venereal diseases. Nowadays, this is not impede to parenthood. If this is the case, consult with your family counselor, and we will be happy to help you.

Advantages and disadvantages of this country


Surrogacy programs have been legal in Greece since 2004. In 2015, the law was amended extending to foreign citizens the possibility to perform surrogacy procedures.

It is a European country, close and similar to your own country. The flight time is 2 to 4 hours.

In the surrogacy process in Greece, a trial is held prior to the In Vitro Fertilization process to have a judicial order to have your name(s) on the the birth certificate. Also the legal contract with the surrogate mother to confirm that and an agreement that she no longer can withdraw from the surrogacy process and to move forward. The baby will then be issued a passport from your consulate.

The stay in Greece to pick up the baby is less than 4-5 weeks.


There is a great shortage of Greek surrogate mothers, since they demand amountsare not in accordance with the law. This makes it necessary to use Ukrainian or Georgian surrogates who comply with the limits set by the law for surrogacy thus avoiding and legal complications.

The mother-to-be cannot be older than 54 years old (at the time of the surrogacy trial in Greece).

For the surrogacy process in Greece the surrogate mother must prove with a medical certificate her impossibility to get pregnant, or that she represents a serious risk to her health, to birth a child.

GESTLIFE offers two types of programs in Greece:

The program that is carried out entirely in Greece: In this case, both the assisted reproduction treatment and the rest of the program are carried out entirely in GREECE. This type of program has certain limitations:

a) If you need an egg donor, it is not possible to choose the egg donor by photo. Donors are absolutely anonymous.

b) Sex selection is prohibited.

c) The clinics do not accept unlimited programs, i.e. you have to pay for the embryo transfer, and for each IVF if necessary.

If some of these 3 restrictions are not to your liking we recommend the ALBANIA/GREECE crossborder program. A surrogacy program legally takes place in the country where the child is born (Greece) but the IVR takes place in Albania. It has no importance or implication for the surrogacy process, in which city or country the surrogacy treatment is done. So, in order for you to benefit from some or all of the 3 characteristics mentioned above, we propose that the surrogacy treatment of the surrogate takes place in Tirana, (Albania) and the rest of the process in Thessaloniki, (Greece). In this way you will be able to:

a) Choosing the sex of your baby

b) You will be able to select the donor by photo if you need an egg donor.

c) The program may be unlimited depending on the program at a closed price.

We can also send embryos, sperm, and oocytes that you already have in a clinic in your country if that the case.

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