Surrogacy in Europe

Surrogacy in Europe

Surrogate mother in Europe

surrogacy in Europe

Surrogate mother in Europe

Surrogacy in Europe


These are countries where you hear about surrogacy from time to time. Some are regulated only for resident citizens of the country, or have no regulation at all, so they are not governed by a surrogacy law, but by their own civil code and corresponding laws.


Surrogacy in the UK is only available to British nationals. In addition, the surrogate mother has the right to withdraw and keep the baby.

surrogacy in europe


Surrogacy in Belgium has no legislation, so obviously the child born there is Belgian. However, the law does not allow financial compensation to the surrogate mother. Any contract signed between the parents and the surrogate is null and void.


Surrogacy in South Cyprus is currently prohibited, unless it is altruistic and for residents. North Cyprus (Turkish part) expressly prohibits it. Lately some agencies are heard to offer programmes that start or end in Cyprus. Be very careful with these inventions, which are not real surrogacy.


Some surrogacy agencies carry out their surrogacy processes in the Czech Republic, having the children born in third countries. There is no legislation allowing surrogacy in the Czech Republic, so once again we are in the realm of legal loopholes and shadows.

However, in 2022, the registry office in Prague stopped registering children born through surrogacy. When the registry office is contacted, the police are notified by the registry office and question the commissioning parents and the surrogate mother separately. Some agencies recommend lying to the registry, which can lead to an offence of misrepresentation to a public official.

Since the pregnant woman will inevitably appear on the birth certificate, she must relinquish the child so that the parents in the country of destination can then initiate filiation or adoption proceedings by the second spouse, depending on the country, but no Czech notary will agree to draw up such a document, since you cannot relinquish a baby with a simple notarised document.

The agencies also demand a document from the parents, stating that it is an altruistic gestation, which is clearly not true, and can lead to a crime of false documentation.

for all these reasons, this type of programme is not recommended.

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