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Surrogacy in Portugal for foreigners?

On August 22, 2016 Law 25/2016 is published in which the conditions are established to apply surrogacy in Portugal, not allowed until then. From the last August 1, 2017, surrogacy for foreign citizens is allowed in Portugal.

Surrogacy in portugal
The ones that will be able to carry out surrogacy processes in Portugal are citizens, foreigners, whether they are married or unmarried heterosexual couples or lesbian women. Single men or homosexual couples are excluded
In the case of single women, the legislation of our country prevents single mothers from carrying out the process in those countries that do not issue a judicial sentence, and therefore the filiation in the name of the client mother does not take place (unlike in the USA, and in GREECE).
The surrogacy law in Portugal requires that the intended mother must prove with a medical certificate that she does not have a uterus, or as the result of medical problems, her uterus will not be able to carry a baby. The law makes no mention of other possible reasons.
Only altruistic surrogacy is allowed. The surrogate mother cannot receive any remuneration or financial compensation for completing the pregnancy.
The performance and acceptance of the treatment will depend on the authorization of the CNPMA (Conselho Nacional de Procriação Medicamente Assistida) and the prior opinion of the Order of Physicians (Ordem dos Medicos).
There is no social security, therefore all medical expenses that may occur are at your expense.
There is no fixed price for surrogacy in Portugal. If there are extra expenses, such as an incubator, etc, you pay them and the cost of the process can skyrocket.

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