Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogate mother in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Who can perform surrogacy procedures in UKRAINE

In this country, the following people can carry out surrogacy procedures:

Heterosexual married couples who can prove a reason that prevents them from gestation.

The medical reasons for accessing surrogacy in Ukraine are mainly the following (it can be only one of them):

  • Physical problems that prevent pregnancy (absence of uterus, loss of uterus, ovaries, etc.).
  • Repetitive miscarriages
  • To have done at least 4 unsuccessful embryo transfers in assisted reproduction treatments (counting failed artificial inseminations that could have occurred).
  • Medical problems that jeopardize the health of the mother or the baby in case of pregnancy.

If your case does not fall within any of these parameters, please contact us. Without any commitment or cost, we will analyze your case. This list is not exclusive, it is just a summary of the most common reasons.

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Current situation in Ukraine.

Currently, Ukraine is at war still with Russia, as I am sure you know. This made it temporarily difficult at first for the parents to travel to the country to make the donation of genetic material, but it does not prevent them from starting a process in the Ukraine if you wish to do so.

Starting a surrogacy process in this country, despite the circumstances, is totally possible and ongoing. Gestlife has always operated in the Ukraine and we are the only agency that did not close its doors at any time with the clinics kept open. We tend to the needs of the surrogate mothers, the fathers, and the children who are born each week. We make sure that your baby is reunited with you as soon as possible and safely.

Despite the current situation, life in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev (where we carry out the process) or Lviv, (from where we leave the country with the baby) are safe cities, and life goes on normally.

In the following links, you can watch two videos recorded by our staff in August and September 2023:

Sooner or later, the war will end. The schools have been reopened, the stores, restaurants, cafes, even the Opera have been operating as normal since last year! Including our INTERECO clinic has always been open. Although it is unfortunate for many people that will have a "before and after," life goes on and the reconstruction of the country has begun after the initial start, which follows every war.

And here we are, as we were in the civil war in Ukraine in 2014 where the armed conflict was happening in the capital city itself, to help as much as we can with the surrogacy process.

To this end, we have created the program "WE ARE ALL CHILDREN", aimed at helping orphanages in Ukraine, often the forgotten ones in these terrible conflicts. Gestlife will allocate 5% of its income to help these orphanages. Through a group foundation, the aid will be channeled effectively. You will find more information on our website if you wish to collaborate with this humanitarian work.

In the meantime, regarding your foreseeable surrogacy process, you can choose to do it in the Ukraine. This is done by sending your generic material by courier (Gestlife takes care of everything), in Georgia, Albania or Greece (these last two countries belonging to NATO), Kazakhstan, Armenia, Colombia, Mexico or USA.

If you start the process in one of those countries and later you want your program to be carried out in Ukraine, Gestlife offers you this possibility. All the subsidiaries belong to the INVESTMEDICAL group and they are all the same company. This is one of the many advantages of Gestlife.

There is never a “good” time to start the surrogacy process. Something always can happen: a civil war, shooting down of a civilian airliner by the Russians, 7 legislative changes to complicate surrogacy, SARS20, the bird flu, a pandemic that was only going to last 15 days, an economic crisis, and now a war. Parents who have said "let's wait and see" ..... today they are still not parents. Parents who, despite the difficult times, chose to move forward are today parents. Time passes inevitably for everyone, and often the possibility of parenthood diminishes and the time to do it is now.

Life returns to Ukraine, this country has given us the best of our lives these past 10 years: our children.

The program in Ukraine allows programs with an egg donor, to avoid the first trip. In the programs with your own eggs, you can come to our clinic, or make the donation in your country and we take care of your transfer, so you can also avoid (if you wish) the first trip.

Therefore, you only need to make the second trip, to pick up the baby. In approximately 18 months, you are accompanied throughout the journey by our staff with absolute safety for the parents.

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Surrogacy Law in UKRAINE

Surrogacy is absolutely legal in Ukraine, regulated by the Family Code and Order 771 of the Ministry of Health. The Family Code, in its Article 123.2, provides that if an embryo conceived by a couple as a result of the application of assisted reproductive techniques is transferred into the body of another woman, the parents of the child will be the couple doing the surrogacy. With the consent of the surrogate, the names of the parents will appear directly on the birth certificate.

Ukraine has one of the most comprehensive surrogacy laws in non-EU countries. It allows married heterosexual couples who have medical conditions that impedes pregnancy to have children through this technique, provided that one of the two party’s contributes their own genetic material.

In whose name will the baby be registered once it is born?

After birth, the intended parents must register the baby in the Ukrainian civil registry. For this reason, a birth certificate will be provided by the clinic.

Since surrogacy in Ukraine is permitted, both the intended father and mother are listed on the certificate without the surrogate mother being listed. The surrogate mother is prohibited from claiming maternity and has no rights or obligations to the baby.

In order for the birth certificate to be registered in the Ukrainian civil registry, it must be accompanied by a waiver signed by the surrogate. We take care of all of that for you guaranteed.

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A person in charge of assistance in the Ukraine in your language (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.)

Our staff will assist you in our office in KIEV (UKRAINE) in your language. In a process where legal issues are mixed with medical issues, it is important to speak the same language and understand each other. With Gestlife, you will never feel like a stranger in a foreign country.

It is something that seems obvious, but with some agencies, you are lucky to speak to an advisor in your language. As soon as you sign the contract, the rest of the staff most likely does not speak English, and you have to have a translator. Make sure if you talk to other agencies that this doesn’t happen. A year and a half (the length of the surrogacy process) having to speak in other languages is very stressful.

Own office in UKRAINE

We are not intermediaries. We are not a company that does not have an office in Ukraine which uses an intermediary in another country that has an external collaborator. That is too many middlemen. Gestlife has its own office in the Ukraine.

For the duration of the conflict, we will pick you up at the Polish border, and accompany you, with an escort in your language, by train to Kiev. You will not be alone at any time.

Legal assistance in UKRAINE

Gestlife has lawyers in its Kiev office to assist you throughout the process. They are not external lawyers.

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Legal assistance in your home country

Most "agencies" finish their work when they deliver the baby to you. Then can help you to leave the country, but then, it is up to you to register your baby in your country of origin. At Gestlife we have a network of lawyers in all countries to take care of the final process in your country of origin that will allow you to register your child without problems.

Personal assistance during your travels.

We try our best to make the surrogacy process a pleasurable trip, not a nightmare. But mishaps can always arise which can endanger the biological parents (illness, accident). Gestlife takes care of managing your travel needs by providing insurance to guarantee you complete assistance in case of any incident. We take care of managing and organizing all the services related to these issues so that you do not have to deal with it. Our philosophy is to take care of the parents 24 hours a day.

Cost of a surrogacy procedure in UKRAINE

UA process in UKRAINE costs between 53.000 and 75.000 euros, depending on the program chosen.

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What programs can I hire in UKRAINE

In all our countries, you can contract the following programs:


You can consult the services included in each program in the dossiers of each country. Ask your family advisor for them, with no obligation.

HIV, Hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases

Gestlife is one of the few agencies that have programs for parents who test positive for HIV, Hepatitis, or venereal diseases. Nowadays, this is not impede to parenthood. If this is the case, consult with your family counselor, and we will be happy to help you.

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Advantages and disadvantages



  • The length of stay in the country where the child is born, on the last trip, usually lasts between 4 and 7 weeks.
  • If there are extra medical expenses for the surrogate (unexpected illnesses not related to pregnancy, such as pneumonia) or the baby (intensive care unit, incubator, etc.) which are not covered, the surrogate with foreign parents of the baby or initially paying higher priced programs.
  • There is a shortage of surrogates in Europe due to the war. Most Ukrainian surrogates do not wish to leave the country and leave their children alone for long periods of time. Russian surrogates have disappeared, due to the prohibition since December 2022 to participate in surrogacy procedures for foreigners. The selection and verification process of a pregnant woman can currently take between 6 and 8 months.

  • In Ukraine the period has been reduced to 7 days.
  • The expenses of the surrogate and the baby are covered by the country's social security system, which makes the programs more economical, as they do not require additional insurance.
  • Ukrainian pregnant women still want to carry out pregnancy procedures within their borders, and due to the closure of most local agencies at the beginning of the war conflict, there is a surplus supply of pregnant women in the Ukraine, so there is no long "waiting list".

The war situation can be stressful for some parents, although life in Kiev is normalized.

If all this is too complicated or too stressful, you can carry out your process in Greece or Albania, . Contact your family counselor, and we will discuss together which surrogacy program may be the most suitable for you.

This information is an indicative summary of the legislation of your country in terms of afiliation for surrogacy in Ukraine. We recommend that you do not carry out any procedure without first having spoken to one of our legal advisors. Our company is not responsible for any actions that parents may take on their own without the direct advice of our lawyers

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